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chuck's bio

Chuck Russell was born in Rome, Georgia, an only child, to wonderful parents, with 3 sets of grandparents, 3 great grandparents and him as the only grandchild for ten years. He was spoiled with love and wisdom. They showed him hard work, resilience, and entrepreneurship. He made an incredibly bad choice to major in physics at Georgia Tech, and after 3 years, transferred to Spring Hill College in Mobile where he made an equally poor choice to get an Economics degree. His 20-1 record on the tennis team was the highlight of his college experience.

Using none of his college education, he worked as a buyer and merchandising designer for a major furniture store and met an important mentor in his life who taught him the value of his ideas, and that he could make a living with them.

Detouring from any reasonable career path…he became a tennis professional and director of a tennis center, where he started one of the early academies in Florida. At the end of his contract, he moved to Atlanta to resume a design career, but chance led him to become the pro at a country club. It was a wealthy club with members either owning businesses or running them. It was there that he met the man who hired him for Macy’s executive program where he became a senior executive at the flagship store in Atlanta. After two years, he left Macy’s, intending to go back to the design world when a chance interview led him to the mentor who changed his life.

This mentor persuaded him to take a terrible job, cold calling businesses to sell seats in a training program, and for 6 weeks he was proving to be the least successful person the mentor had ever hired. Then, one morning it all came together for him. He became #4 out of 2000 salespeople that year and #10 the next year. He took over managing the sales team and led the company to #1 out of 700 franchises.

After a good friend purchased an assessment company, he asked Chuck to work with him to build it. That company was Profiles International, and for almost 4 years, he had a laboratory of about 400 people selling assessments and helping them to understand that industry. He also had the privilege of working with several of the top scientists in that field. During that time, he wrote his first book, Right Person-Right Job, Guess or Know.

Remarkable things were possible with the data from Prevue Assessment, but most of those things were only possible with an expert interpreting the data. He saw the need for a simpler and easier system that anyone could use. He left Profiles and developed CheckStart, an assessment that needed no special training or interpretation. At that point, he wanted to add more depth and agility to the data, that is when BestWork DATA was born. After 11 years, in addition to general business, he developed special data applications for over 20 industries. This included executive coaching, entrepreneurship, consulting, mergers & acquisitions, sports and more. 

Chuck has become a thought leader in the application of psychometric assessments on business practices. He has over 27 years of experience in the assessment industry and has reviewed hundreds of assessment products. His mission has been to touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people so that they see themselves through their strengths, not their weaknesses. His genius is creating innovative tools that change the world of cities, businesses, and individuals worldwide.

Chuck has recently partnered with his daughter to develop a new product called, Try On Jobs. This application enables individuals to digitally "try on" over 400 jobs, using their DATA to match them with those jobs that their strengths and abilities fit and warning them about challenges in those jobs that they do not fit.

Chuck's current passion is on applying DATA solutions to global problems, such as employment, education and SME failures. He is designing tools that can be used to inventory the strengths and abilities of the workforces within companies, cities and regions, enabling governments to use their resources more effectively.

He has had the honor of addressing international audiences in fascinating places like Katmandhu, Nepal and Goa, India and many others. The challenge of putting the right people into the right jobs is universal and BestWork DATA offers a universal language for doing that.

If he has created anything of meaning, its inspiration and substance have come from his family and friends. He would not be where he is today without the love and support of his magnificent wife, Lauretta and his two wonderful children, Lacey and Jamey.

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